Village Magazine past issues


The Village Magazine is published every quarter, thanks to the hard work of the editors Heather and Keith Parkinson.  They can be contacted at stevington.magazine (at)

It includes reports of village events, and other village information.  Many past issues are available below.

File Size Date
2012-1-Mar.pdf1.64 MB05-14-2016
2012-2-Jun.pdf1.82 MB05-14-2016
2012-3-Sep.pdf1.44 MB05-14-2016
2012-4-Dec.pdf1.98 MB05-14-2016
2015-1-Mar.pdf2.66 MB05-16-2016
2015-2-Jun.pdf2.77 MB05-16-2016
2015-3-Sep.pdf2.89 MB05-16-2016
2015-4-Dec.pdf2.92 MB05-16-2016
2015-5-Dec-Greetings.pdf1.26 MB05-16-2016
2016-1-Mar.pdf2.5 MB05-16-2016
2017-2-Jun.pdf2.56 MB06-23-2017
2017-3-Sep-YellowPages.pdf16.98 KB09-04-2017
2017-3-Sep.pdf2.86 MB09-04-2017
2017-4-Dec.pdf3.23 MB12-09-2017
2017-5-Dec-Greetings.pdf1.28 MB12-09-2017
2018-1-Mar-NP-Insert.pdf1.3 MB09-05-2018
2018-1-Mar.pdf2.92 MB03-07-2018
2018-2-June.pdf2.82 MB06-05-2018
2018-3-Sept-YellowPages.pdf16.92 KB09-05-2018
2018-3-Sept.pdf2.93 MB09-05-2018
2018-4-Dec-Greetings.pdf1.7 MB12-05-2018
2018-4-Dec.pdf3.17 MB12-05-2018

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