Wavelength is a Charity which traces it’s roots back to 1938, whose objectives are to counter ‘loneliness and isolation’ by donating technology. In those days it was radios to the isolated and bedbound, so that they could keep up with the news and current affairs. Now it is supporting projects such as ours in Stevington to support those who need help to access ‘modern technology’ such as their phones, tablets, video calls, etc.

Our project started with an idea of John Duffield’s to help those in the village who were baffled by the new technologies, and needed a helping hand with their phones or computers or tablets.

Wavelength kindly donated 4 Lenovo Tablets, and a large TV screen which was set up in the Church Room to enable ‘group demonstrations’. Throughout 2018/19 we ran monthly group sessions on Saturday mornings in the Church Room, with John, Bob Collins, Roger Day, and Robert Eadie providing demonstrations, answering questions, and trying to sort out one-to-one problems with those attending. There was also coffee/tea and biscuits providing a much needed break, and a valuable time of socialising. Thanks to Gina and other helpers for this.

Since March 2020 things have inevitably been more difficult, with group meetings not possible, but we have continued to provide a service with one-to-one sessions, booked to an appointment system, and occasional home visits to help further.

We are grateful to Wavelength for their initial donation, and Mayor Dave for a grant which enabled us to install Wi-Fi in the Church Room.

We have been awarded a grant by the National lottery to make  a tablet available to anyone in the village who does not go online. We can offer all the equipment and help necessary to assist people in the village to begin to experience the benefits of online services and social contact. 

If you know of anyone who could benefit from this assistance please let us know by using the friends of St Mary contact form or by speaking to one of the organisers.